Private Screenings


Private Screenings T&Cs

Q. How many people do I have?

A. The minium is 20 people (can be children, depending on rating)

Q. When do I need to pay for the screening?

a. You need to have full payment, up to 10 days before event day.

Q. What movie can I watch?

a. Depending on ratings (children) and availability of movie.

Q. How much does it cost?

a. $12.50 per person.

Q. Can each person pay for this themselves?

a. No, this is a one payment group booking.

Q. Which cinema can I use?

a. Cinema 5 for 20 people, if you have more (up to covid regs) the cinema will change.

Q. Can I get a deal on Popcorn and Drinks?

a. Yes, we have packages starting from $7.50ea

Q. Can I have Beer and Wine with our deal?

a. Yes you can. Subject to age restrictions, must be over 18 to order

Q. How do I book a private screening?

a. Send a email to Grant (see below for link) with what you want with dates, time etc.


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