Gaming on the big screen


Things you need to know

How many can play?

                Up to 10 people only

Is there an age limit?

                There is no age limit, only on the game you are playing. We must comply with that rating.

What console can I use gaming?

                Any console that uses HDMI output

What do I need to supply?

                The gaming console, controllers and any games of your choice.

What do we provide?

                The HDMI cable, sound, screen.

Is there an internet connection available for playing online games?


Is there an extra cost for an internet connection?

We supply a standard connection. Anything more will incur extra charges and a technician test may be required.

How big is the cinema that I can use for gaming?

We supply Cinema 5, this may change due to programming.

How long can I hire a cinema for?

                Your playing time is 2 hours, setup is not included. 2 ½ is the maximum time allowed.

How much would it cost to hire for longer?

                 You can make two bookings.

Can I bring in my own food and beverages?

Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the cinemas. We can cater with drinks and food. Please ask us what options we have.

When do I need to pay the money for the hire?

Payment must be made 10 days before booking, if payment is not made, your booking will be cancelled.

What if I cancel my booking, will I lose my money?

Cancellations made with fewer than 10 days’ notice may result no refund. Cancellations at 10 days or more receive a full refund.

What days and times can I book?

Any day of the week is available. Times are subject to movie session times. (we are unable to do Friday or Saturday nights)


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