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    Starting:14 October 2018
    165 Minutes
    Iulia Maria Dan/Maija Kovalevska, Ho-Yoon Chung/Paul O'Neill, Julia Lee Goodwin, Samuel Dundas/Christopher Tonkin, Richard Anderson, Christopher Hillier, John Bolton Wood, Simon Gilkes
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    This performance is classification exempt
    Italian (with English subtitles)
    A poet, a painter, a musician and a philosopher walk into a bar (no really!) to celebrate a sudden windfall in a lean winter. It’s Christmas Eve, and the poet has just felt the first pangs of great love. When a seamstress knocks on his door searching for candlelight, the pair fall in love faster than she can sing “Yes, they call me Mimì...” Between the ideals of love and art and the cruel realities of cold winters, bitter jealousies and empty pockets, two sets of lovers are trying to find their way. By the time the curtain falls, you’ll know the answer to an eternal question: Is love enough? La Bohème opens your soul to emotions too big for words. The music swells with love, soars in ecstasy, crackles with jealousy and cries with heartache. Experience the romance of the original bohemian love story at the magnificent Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour.


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